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“Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning.”  | Bill Gates | 

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Per Bay Jorgensen

Per Bay Jorgensen is widely recognized as the founder of International private medical insurance (IPMI) product. Mr. Jorgensen has been an integral part of the industry for over 40 years. Creating systems and distribution channels throughout the world.


Mr. Jorgensen’s experience by far provided the best products that still exist in the IPMI market, distributed by IHI Danmark. His employee training model set the standard for best practices in service, experience and overall performance in the industry. He has been CEO of Bay Consult International since 2005.


Currently Board Chairman at Dansk Sundhedssikring, he has held several senior industry positions, including CEO at International Health Insurance Danmark for more than 25 years, senior advisor at Best Doctors and Best Doctors Insurance , and Non-Executive Director at Now Health International to name a few

Lourdes F Peters.png
Lourdes F. Peters

Lourdes F. Peters is a member of the pioneering family that introduced international private medical insurance (IPMI) and travel to the Latam and Caribbean markets 40 years ago. From product design such as IHI Business quoting travel system recognized worldwide, to implementation and marketing.

Lourdes was one of the founders of the IHI Wellbeing University which dealt with problem solving high claims volume surrounding health and critical issues in the corporate market and implementing procedures to reduce cost, from the physical (employee) aspect to structural (material) changes.

Lourdes’ experience brings a different approach to the market by being the first of US Broker to open subsidiaries and acquiring local licensing agreements and solidifying the company brand in several markets. Lourdes' business acumen comes from previous careers in banking, communications and advertising.

Lourdes has blended all her experience to create a different approach to multichannel sales and distribution adding a higher-than-expected overall client experience, Lourdes as designed a robust CRM system to help manage and service all business lines in one point of entry, specifically for the Latam market creating an all digital approach of communicating directly with companies and clients virtually.

Maikel García.png
Maikel García

Maikel Garcia is viewed as the top leading insurance sales and product analyst in the industry.

Maikel Garcia was born in Cuba, were he spent his earlier years and did pre-graduate studies of Nuclear Engineering at the Instituto Superior de Ciencias y Tecnologias Nucleares. Fluent in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Maikel is skilled in Negotiation, Product Design, Business Planning, International Business, and Sales Management. He has a very strong knowledge of the Insurance industry in Latin-American and market tendencies that has allowed him to act as executive consultant for different companies in the insurance sector.

Maikel’s experience encompasses all scopes of the insurance industry; from designing, underwriting and pricing products to sales and implementation through cross channels and B2B business on a global basis. Maikel’s experience in the Latam market has allowed him to acquire knowledge on all aspects from; legal, financial and licensing to procure local products and companies.

Gitte Bach.png
Gitte Bach

Gitte Bach is President & CEO of New Frontier Group, which has recently been awarded the 2020 ITIJ Award for best worldwide Cost Containment/Claims Management Company of the year. 

Gitte has extensive experience in international insurance and assistance through her initial career at IHI Denmark. In 2002, she founded New Frontier Group an independently owned and operated cost-containment, assistance, and telehealth organization.


Since its inception, New Frontier Group has been a market disruptor and innovator in the U.S. Cost Containment Industry, being a pioneer that provides unparalleled Network Access and Performance Transparency (Onyx™ Online) to their clients worldwide. Gitte holds a B.A. in Economics from Copenhagen Business School and a B.A. in Languages from Aarhus School of Business.


Jessica Menendez.png
Jessica Menendez

Jessica Menendez is well known in the academic and groups business insurance sector as an expert in this field, with over 10 years’ experience specifically within the global traditional and customized employee benefit programs.

Jessica’s highly detailed analysis and deep understanding care of duty, allows her to see the insurance and benefit business from a client’s point of view implementing cost savings procedures for insurance companies as well as the end users.

Ms. Menendez’s critical thinking experience provides in depth knowledge of product placement for the local and non-local markets, meeting the needs of the US and local market experience and its usage.

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