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Consulting that accelerates and elevates corporate success

Offering insurance, wellbeing and technical consulting


Our consulting services encompass the following areas:

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.”  | Albert Einstein |

Product Review and Design

We apply our vast market knowledge from product trends, competition review, and benefit suitability to design new products or review the products offered. With specific goals and standards for the products to be competitive and attractive based on the particular country and market segment that the business will be directed at.

Administrative Process

An inclusive review of all processes is prepared to determine the current approaches' effectiveness in order to maximize efficiency and minimize costs. All methods are set up for new and existing companies in accordance to market expectations to guarantee success and provide the ultimate customer service experience.


Review the current technology and platform utilized to determine the suitability in the management of implementations, sales and distribution and maximize the use of the resources in key area that will provide successful processes.

Underwriting and Claims

Provide you with guidelines, recommendations and network providers to improve your underwriting and claims processes and in accordance to the market standards. This includes travel trends as well as in or out of country behavior and utilization.


Marketing and Brand positioning

Our specialists will create brand awareness and a marketing campaign to launch or relaunched a brand effectively. Advising on all channels of communication through ecommerce and digital platforms in specific markets, demographics and languages. As well as webpage and image design, sales campaigns and incentives.

Market Analysis for Wellbeing

This comprehensive analysis provides clients with a detailed report of current products being offered in each specific line of business to support the best product selection. This information allows companies to review pricing, benefits, incentives, product specifics, technological tools, and contract conditions that will enable clients to make well informed financial decisions while focusing on their member’s wellbeing.

703 Waterford Way Suite 590 Miami FL 33126

T: 1(786) 388-8757

Public commitment for the management of information: All information and data offered by our potential clients or active clients to carry out our advice, will be treated in a reserved and secure manner. The use of it will be exclusively for the benefit of our client's project. It will not be sold or shared with third parties.

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