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Consulting that accelerates and elevates corporate success


Offering insurance, wellbeing and technical consulting

“Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.” | Benjamin Franklin |

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Axelevate is an experienced consulting firm with over a century of combined experience in the international health and life insurance market. Providing comprehensive analysis, advising, designing and restructuring of employee benefit plans. We review it all, from technology to brand recognition, claims management and cost containment as well as marketing campaigns and administrative processes.


From self-insured corporations to private companies, our model allows you to design and implement products and plans within the particular market that will be highly competitive as well as, effective employee benefit plans, creating productivity, competitivity, and profitability. 

Through the utilization of analytical tools designed to conduct in-depth diagnostic studies, we are able to identify key variables and shortcomings of a particular product, its benefit and distribution.

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We focus on core areas such as plan design, benefits, utilization regional patterns, characteristics of the local healthcare and other benefit delivery system's population. This allows our clients to modify and optimize the use of the benefits plan and improve the overall health of the employees and company.

703 Waterford Way Suite 590 Miami FL 33126

T: 1(786) 388-8757

Public commitment for the management of information: All information and data offered by our potential clients or active clients to carry out our advice, will be treated in a reserved and secure manner. The use of it will be exclusively for the benefit of our client's project. It will not be sold or shared with third parties.

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